The beauty of static HTML web sites

In the early days HTML was handcrafted with simple text editors like Notepad, later on we had Dreamweaver and today we have frameworks. Don’t be confused and think static HTML is old, ugly and inefficient. Static HTML can be a beauty; stylish, fast and reliable at a low cost. Enhanced web browsers, more powerful CSS and nifty JavaScripts allow HTML web sites to look fresh, stylish and offer basic functionality like simple contact forms.

Does,, look static HTML to you?

Deploying your first web site using a framework should not require programming skills, but later you might be interested in customizing your website and then programming skills will come in handy. Don’t let the developer part scare you, find a developer whom can help you customize a framework for your needs. Once the framework is tuned, updating and maintaining your web site should be dead simple.

To convince you static HTML has a competitive edge to dynamic HTML, a series of tutorials will soon be published. The goal is to give you hands on experience by help you create a Jekyll web site and deploy it onto Amazon’s CDN Cloudfront service.